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Ultra Chem Labs’ Carpet Care Division is a comprehensive solution to all carpet care needs. It not only meets, but exceeds all industry standards, including those of the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) for soil containment, vacuuming, spot and spill removal, interim cleaning, and restorative cleaning. Using Ultra Chem Labs’ Carpet Care solution will improve productivity and results, while helping to minimize harm to the environment. Ultra Chem Labs’ products do not rely on pH, toxic chemicals, intense mechanical action or high temperatures to achieve desired results. Not only does Ultra Chem Labs’ Carpet Care solution require a fewer number of chemicals, it requires less of each chemical to get the job done. DOWNLOAD FULL ULTRA CLEAN INFOGRAPHIC HERE

Clean – Premium All-In-One Carpet Cleaner

High Performance ECT Carpet Cleaner. Clean is the one-stop solution to cleaning most types of spills, pet odor, urine, stains, feces and even gum removal. It saves time and money, can be used with any carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning method, and can be used with truck-mount and carpet extraction systems (hot water not needed).

Ultra Chem Labs’ Clean’ utilizes Electrolytic Technology, allowing the product to be used for a multitude of applications, cutting chemical and labor costs significantly.

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Neutralizer (Carpet) gallon front small

Neutralizer – Rinse/Residue Remover

Acidic Rinse, Residue Remover. Neutralizer’ utilizes 2 food grade acids to neutralize the effect of odors and prior chemicals used. This unique blend of special food grade acids will outperform various hazardous chemicals such as hydrochloric acids and non-food grade phosphoric acids.

It can be used against malador odors, does not rely on evaporation of residual acid, outperforms various hazardous residue removers, and neutralizes chemical residue from conventional chemicals. As a result of its multiple applications, Neutralizer is an easy to manage, environmentally safer product. Click for more information

D-Odor – Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator with All Natural Fruit-Infused Scents. The secret behind Ultra Chem Labs’ D-Odor is its unique odor encapsulating feature. This provides D-Odor with the distinct ability to not just mask odors like conventional odor fresheners, but encapsulate and eliminate odors completely, classifying D-Odor as an official malodor eliminator.

It is made with all-natural fruit infused fragrances, can be used in carpet extraction mop water, can be used for smoke restoration, eliminates wide range of malador odors (e.g. pet odors, cigarette smoke, etc.), and is CRI certified.

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Protector – Fabric Shield

High Performance Carpet Protector. Protector instills a revolutionary soil and stain resistant protective shield around and within fabrics and fibers. Protector uniformly coats the three dimensions of the fibers and fabrics which allows the fibers to breath while accelerating the drying process and leaves the fibers soft and supple to the touch. It provides easy stain removal and is simple to apply using a pump or power sprayer.

Overall, Protector is a high quality carpet management product that removes the guess work for your protective carpet cleaning needs.

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