Awning Cleaning and Restoration Procedures

1. Assemble all chemicals and custodial hardware prior to beginning procedures. Read appropriate safety instructions on MSDS’ and chemical product labels and comply as directed.
2. Pressure wash or hose down from, sides, top and underside of awning with cold water and while wet, apply mechanical action, with a suitable non-scratching brush to loosen any soil that is removable with clear water. Flush rinse entire awning to remove loosened soil. do not allow to dry. Re-wet as necessary. If awning is too large to keep wet easily, section off awning and follow procedures in sections.
3. Pre-mix ‘Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty cleaner’ in a hand held trigger sprayer at 2 oz. Per gallon with warm water. Pre-test an inconspicuous area of awning, including an area that has any logos, varying colored areas and any other variations to establish whether soil will remove completely at this dilution without effecting the appearance of the awning. Spray diluted ‘Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner’ to a small area, apply mechanical action with a suitable brush, pressure wash rinse off area with cold water and allow to dry.
4. If proper cleaning results are achieved at this dilution, without an adverse effect to the awning, proceed with procedures. If cleaning results are not satisfactory, increase dilution of ‘Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner’ to 3 oz. per gallon and repeat the test as noted above. Continue on pre-testing in this fashion until desired results are achieved without any adverse effect to the awning.
5. Once the dilution requirement is established, mix ‘Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner’ at the established dilution in a suitable sprayer with warn water and pre-spray a manageable area. Keep pre-sprayed surface wet for a minimum of 5 minutes. If necessary, re-apply solution, if and when solution begins to dry. After dwell time apply mechanical action to pre-sprayed area using a suitable non-scratching brush. Pressure wash rinse cleaned area and allow cleaned surface to dry.
6. Apply Ultra Floor Care ‘Sealer’ to the cleaned and dry awning using a suitable applicator. ‘Sealer’ applications should dry within ten minutes or less. When dry, apply additional coats of ‘Sealer’ until the desired gloss and appearance is achieved.
7. For periodic cleaning maintenance, follow the aforementioned preparation procedures using ‘Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner’ at 1 to 2 oz. per gallon with water. If and when additional ‘Sealer’ is required, prepare the area and re-apply required number of coats of ‘Sealer’ as noted above.

Alternate Procedure Options
Note: It must be understood that awnings can be made from an extremely wide variety of natural and synthetic materials (such as vinyl, canvas, nylon or metal) and due to this, the results of these cleaning and restoration procedures can vary dramatically. Some material are not color fast and some signage use a wide variety of paints and other materials for decorative and advertising purposes that are not resistant to many types of cleaning chemicals.

The stains/spots may also be varied such as mildew, bird dropping, tar, rust, carbon (exhaust fumes), etc. As a result, it is absolutely essential that pre-testing of the cleaning procedures noted be followed to ensure that the stains/spots will remove, the material will be cleaned and there will be no adverse effect to the awnings.

Ultra Chem Labs cannot predict the final result of these cleaning procedures and therefore no claims of damage can or will be accepted by Ultra Chem Labs.

1. Cleaning solution and ‘Sealer’ should not be applied under direct sunlight.
2. Do not use concentrated cleaner directly onto the awning material without pre-testing.
3. Do not use an abrasive brush or pad.

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