1. Move all moveable objects from area(s) to be burnished.
2. Dust mop floor with an untreated synthetic dust mop to remove loose soil. Use scrapper to remove gum, etc.Dispose of litter.
3. Place Wet Floor signs at access area(s) to foot traffic.
4. Clean base boards if necessary.
5. Mix ‘Cleaner & Conditioner’ with cold water in a clean bucket with wringer at 1 oz Per gallon.
6. Apply scrubbing solution liberally to manageable area of floor.
7. Do not allow dry back. Re-wet floor if scrubbing solution begins to dry before final pick up procedure.
8. Wet mop or scrub area with 175RPM rotary floor machine using a scrub pad and pickup solution with wet mop or wet pick up vacuum.
9. Burnish floor with 1000 to 2500 RPM Burnisher using suitable burnishing pad. Do not use a rubberized burnishing pad. Dust mopping after burnishing is not required.

Alternate Procedure Options
Note: As another option, a Burnish-Scrub procedure can be done. Follow steps 1 to 5 from above. Secure a thick, brown strip pad to your 1000 to 1600 RPM electric or propane burnisher.

OPTION #1: Immerse mop in cleaner solution and halfway wring out. Damp mop manageable areas to be completed as you go.

OPTION #2: Mix 1:256 (1/2 oz / 4ml) of ‘Cleaner & Conditioner’ cleaner in quart trigger sprayer. Liberally mist area(s) to be scrubbed. Walk burnisher over area, slowly drying floor completely. Fill bucket with wringer with clean cool water and damp mop-rinse floor with clean dedicated, rinse mop. If using an auto scrubber, drop cool water, red pads on, squeegee down, and solution on medium. You can now re-burnish floor areas and spot coat with your choice of Ultra Floor Care finish coating. Blend in wet edges with burnisher and gorilla, non-rubberized, natural hair type pad. Alternately, you can re-coat entire floor with your choice of Ultra Floor Care finish and burnish with gorilla, non-rubberized, natural hair type pad after third coat.

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