Coating is Powdering

1. Dirty, contaminated mops or equipment may have been used.
– Check for outside contamination from your tools, equipment or conventional residuals and / or contaminates from adjoining areas.
2. Inadequate/improper rinse after scrubbing and re-coat.
– Change your rinse water frequently when visible soiled.
3. Pad filled beyond capacity to perform effectively.
-Check & clean burnish pads frequently.
4. Mill or factory finish was never totally removed.
– Re-strip and re-coat floor using appropriate procedures
5. Current maintenance program and cleaning frequencies are not sufficient for traffic conditions in this area.
– Re-evaluate floor maintenance program and make necessary adjustments.
6. Ultra Chem Labs’ ‘Neutralizer’ not used or wrong dilution used.
– Scrub and re-coat floor. Use ‘Cleaner & Conditioner’ and apply 3 or more Coats of coatings.
– Insufficient initial coats of finish or seal, or coats applied too thinly.
Extremely damaged and / or highly porous flooring (the fact that Ultra Chem Labs coatings penetrate deeper into substrates than conventional floor finish and seals must be utilized especially on certain types of flooring or If floor was damage by extreme mechanical or chemical abuse).

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