How to Deal with Stripping and Coating Problem Floors

1. Occasionally you will encounter a floor situation that will cause you to either spend more time and/or product to strip and finish than normal. With the Ultra Floor Care System, you should treat this matter as the last time you will ever have to do anything similar on this floor problem.
2. The cause for this problem floor can be one or a combination of things. Normally it is due to the improper application of conventional finishes and seals resulting in the lack of adhesion. Sometimes a floor crew skips a step or two in the floor stripping operation. Sometimes they re-coat too soon, before the finish has a chance to cure properly.
3. A premature breakdown of the finishes can also be caused by regularly using improper cleaning methods, tools, pads, improperly diluted cleaners, too high pH or acidic cleaners, contaminated tools, etc.
4. Occasionally you will have to strip and maintain a floor, which is composed of natural or composite material, which has a high pH, and the finish will not adhere easily or not at all. An example of this is terrazzo chip tiles make by Fritz Industries and most unglazed ceramic tiles.
5. Lastly, in the 60’s, companies started formulating semi-permanent seals. These seals will stay on in most floor areas, even after your normal stripping procedure is completed. They are designed to be removed by aggressive, solvent-laden strippers.
6. It is important to note that we ONLY recommend the use of ‘Gold’ or ‘Platinum’ Quality coatings on floors, which are difficult to maintain and/or receive very heavy traffic loads.
7. It is wise to remember many of these floors may have suffered some damage. They will most likely be very porous and need extra seal and coatings for you to establish a proper base.
8. Ultra Chem Labs floor finishes and ‘Sealer’ penetrates far deeper into porous flooring than competitive seals and finishes. This penetration usually takes about 24 hours. You may find yourself soon re-coating after the first time, especially in traffic areas due to this excellent and deep seal penetration.

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