In House Preventive Maintenance

1. Sweep all outside entrance areas daily. Dispose of litter. Remove snow and use ice melter as and if necessary.
2. Clean and/or vacuum all walk off entrance mats daily or more frequently if necessary.
3. Replace wet and/or dirty mats as necessary. Place soiled mats in appropriate area, vacuum thoroughly, flush with clean water or extract. Place in appropriate area to dry.

Alternate Procedure Options
Note: It’s estimated that soil costs $500 per pound to remove from a building. For best results, use two types of mats at entrances to reduce the amount of soil entering a building, one to remove sand and gritty soil and the second to move lighter soil and moisture from the feet. The number of linear feet of matting used should be a length of at least six adult steps. This equates to 18 to 20 feet of matting. Mats load with sand, dirt and moisture and when they fill they stop working. The type of fiber the mats are made from will determine the amount of soil and moisture removal and overall effectiveness of the entrance mats.

Consider the use of soil, sand and moisture absorbing mats in elevators and in other high soil areas.

Entrances are the first impression areas of a building. Good soil and moisture control will help to make a good first impression as well as reduce possible liability associated with slip/fall accidents.

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