Interior Concrete Seal and Preparation

1. Assemble all necessary equipment, chemicals and custodial hardware prior to beginning preparation and application procedures. Read appropriate safety instructions on MSDSs and chemical product labels and comply as directed.
2. Move all moveable objects from area to be prepared to and sealed.
3. Detail vacuum or sweep all edges, corners and difficult to reach areas. Remove all loose soil from open areas using a suitable push broom or dust mop. Scrape of all dry accumulations of debris from the surface to be cleaned using a suitable floor scraper and / or steel wire brush and / or strata grit brush, etc. Pick up and dispose of litter.
4. Equip an auto scrubber with aggressive, strata grit-type brushes and fill clean auto scrubber solution tank with clean cold water. Add ‘Neutralizer’ to rinse water in solution tank at 1 oz per gallon (8ml per liter). If an auto scrubber is not available, equip a floor machine with a strata grit type brush pad and fill a separate bucket with clear water and add ‘ Neutralizer’ at 1 oz per gallon (8ml per liter).
5. Mix ‘Stripper’ at 1:1 hot water in a portable sprayer.
6. Mix ‘Stripper’ at 1:4 with hot water in a clean bucket with wringer.
7. Pre-spray all oil, grease and any other heavy accumulations of foreign matter liberally from the low pressure sprayer with ‘Stripper’ diluted at the 1:1 concentration and allow 5 to 10 minutes contact time.
8. Apply mechanical action to pre-sprayed heavily soiled areas using an auto scrubber or rotary floor machine equipped with an aggressive, strata grit type brush. Do not pick up solution, as it will continue to work until next procedure takes place.
9. Scrub on ‘Stripper’ liberally to a manageable area of the surface and allow 5 to 10 minutes contact time. Do not pick up solution on first scrubbing pass.
10. Re-scrub this same surface picking up solution on the second pass. If using a rotary floor machine, double or triple scrub area and pick up solution and a wet vacuum.
11. Inspect the surface

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