LIFT OFF Odorless Stripping: How to Use

Directions and Stripping Procedures


IMPORTANT: To receive the maxim benefit in using our floor care finishes; prior to the application of Ultra Chem product, the existing floor finish must be completely remove or strip from the floor. If, any residue from the existing floor finish is present, the Ultra floor finish will be contaminated and it will not perform as designed to extend or eliminate the floor stripping cycles.


    1. Mix ‘Lift Off’ with cold water in a clean bucket with wringer at the pre-determined dilution ratio (4:1). Consult the product application instructions on the label for the proper dilution ratio.
    2. Apply stripping solution liberally (flooding method) to a manageable area of floor with a dedicated stripper mop. Do not allow the stripper solution to dry back. Re-wet floor with water if stripping solution begins to dry before final pick up procedure. For better results let the stripping solution dwell (stay) over the floor for 10 minutes, before scrubbing the stripping solution.
    3. Scrub the floor with 175-RPM rotary floor machine and abrasive pad (recommend a hi-productivity stripping pad or a stripping brush, until all of the floor finish is removed from the floor. Repeat if needed.
    4. Pick up a stripping solution with a wet pick up vacuum or, if using an auto scrubber, re-scrub as many times as is necessary to completely remove film and pick up solution on last pass.
    5. Check floor area(s) for missed build-up of finish (shiny areas). Look carefully over the entire floor and along the edges, in corners or in dips and valleys. Repeat procedures if necessary.
    6. Mix Ultra’s Cleaner and Conditioner or Infinity Floor Cleaner with cold water diluted at 1:128 (1oz per gal / 8 ml per liter) in clean bucket with a wringer. Using a mop apply the cleaning/rinsing solution liberally over the floor.
    7. Scrub the cleaning/rinsing solution using a floor machine with a green/blue pad or double scrub using an auto scrubber with a green/blue pad.
    8. Pick up cleaning/rinsing solution with a wet pickup vacuum or with the auto scrubber.
    9. Fill clean bucket and wringer with clean water or if using an auto scrubber, fill solution tank with clean water.
    10. Damp mop rinse floor with a clean dedicated rinse mop and clean water. If using auto scrubber, scrub and pick up solution with auto scrubber on the second pass.
    11. Check pH of floor and proceed with seal/finish application if floor test neutral (pH 7 – 7.5). If the pH is too high, rinse the floor again with water and re-test to ensure the floor is at the same desired pH.
    12. Tack the floor with a microfiber mop, before applying floor finish.
    13.  Apply 4-5 coats floor finish.

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