Marble Floors – Floor Finish application

1. If floor has been stripped, ensure floor has been rinsed with Cleaner & Conditioner and clear water rinsed properly prior to finish application procedures. Check pH of floor.
2. Assemble all equipment, chemicals and custodial hardware prior to beginning procedures. Read safety instructions on MSDS and chemical product labels and comply as directed.
3. Place Wet Floor Signs at access area (s) to foot traffic.
4. Pour Ultra Floor Care floor finish either High Gloss Flex Gold or High Gloss Flex Platinum. Immerse clean, pre-broken in, lint free, dedicated floor finish mop fully in finish. Wring out bottom half of mop.
5. Apply your choice of an Ultra Floor Care floor finish, High Gloss Flex Gold or High Gloss Flex Platinum. Apply 5 or 6 medium coats depending upon porosity of floor, desired appearance, traffic conditions, etc.
6. For best results, burnish finish after first, third and last coat with 1000 to 2500 RPM Burnisher using a compatible burnishing pad. If using a scrub and re-coat procedure, after applying 1 coat, burnish the final coat. Dust mopping after burnishing is not required.
7. Ultra Floor Care floor finishes may be blended in perfectly with previous coats if recommended maintenance procedures have been performed. If this is a re-coat after scrubbing (not stripping), or in an area where the coating is to be blended in, apply coats directly on the affected area (s). OPTIONAL: you may wish to burnish the entire floor prior to the application so you may locate the ‘hot spots’ that need re-coating. For maximum durability, re-coat (2 to 3 coats) in the areas, which do not ‘pop’ a shine after burnishing. Burnish blend the wet edges around each patch you re-coat. In the case of an alkaline spill, after three coats, burnish entire affected. If not satisfied, re-coat until shine matches remainder of floor.

Alternate Procedure Options
Note: High Gloss Flex Gold: Recommended for Marble Floors with light, medium & heavy floor traffic. High Gloss Flex Platinum: Recommended for Heavy floor traffic.

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