Marmolium Floors – Floor Seal Application

1. Floors should be stripped, neutralized, and clear water rinsed and be at a neutral pH prior to seal application procedures (refer to stripping procedures)
2. Assemble all chemicals and custodial hardware prior to beginning procedures. Read safety instructions on MSDSs and chemical product labels and comply as directed.
3. Place Wet Floor Signs at access area(s) to foot traffic.
4. Pour ‘Sealer’ in a bucket lined with a plastic bag with wringer. Immerse clean, pre-broken in, lint free, dedicated seal mop fully in seal. Wring out bottom half of mop, allowing seal to feed the bottom of the mop from the top. It is recommended to use medium coats on: resilient tile; linoleum and terrazzo; and regular, wet, thin coats on hard floors such as marble and ceramic.
5. Apply 1 to 4 coats of ‘Sealer’ depending on the porosity of the floor (usually two coats). Apply first coat of ‘Sealer’ to base boards and subsequent coats 6″ to 12″ from base boards. To visually determine the number of coats of seal required, apply coats until you see a slight, uniform, satin gloss after seal is dry. You are now ready to top coat with your choice of finish.

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