Pre-test Procedures for Neutralizer

1. Floors generally will have unknown degrees of soil accumulations and it is therefore wise to pre-test chemical dilutions to be used to determine the optimum dilutions required to accomplish the task in a single operation. Do not depend upon label directions to govern dilutions in unknown soil condition areas. Re-cleaning floors is a laborious and expensive proposition.
2. Mix two strengths of ‘Neutralizer’ with cold water in two separate small containers at ratios that may accomplish the desired results. These dilutions could range from 1:8 to 1:1. It may be convenient to use the cap from the ‘Neutralizer’ to measure the chemicals and water for these tests. Apply the test solutions to 2, 3 or 4 square foot, heavily soiled areas and follow procedures in steps 8 to 11 listed on previous page.
3. Remove the solutions from the test areas with a wet pick up vacuum and inspect the tile and recessed grout areas to see which dilution performed the task best.
4. If neither of the test dilutions of ‘Neutralizer’ were adequate, repeat the entire test in a new area as previously noted using increased dilution strengths. Continue on in this fashion, until the exact dilution requirement has been determined.

Alternate Procedure Options
Caution: Take extraordinary precautions when performing these procedures to ensure complete personal safety, as well as protection to personal clothing and the surfaces within the cleaning area. Over and above the safety requirements published in the MSDSs, wear gauntlet rubber gloves, rubber footwear, an appropriate face and eye shield and any other safety equipment needed to promote total and complete safety.Ventilate the work area during and after the procedures using the buildings exhaust fans and portable floor fans.

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