Procedures for Extraction with Hand Held Extraction Unit

1. Thoroughly vacuum the carpets to remove lose soil particles.
2. Wherever other chemicals have been used you must thoroughly flush the full system (equipment) before using Ultra products.
3. Mix Clean at 64 ml per liter (8 oz per gallon) of water in a pump up sprayer. Add Neutralizer to the solution at 8 ml per liter (1 oz per gallon). 16 ml (2 oz) for carpet that is heavily soiled.
4. Pre-spray the area to be extracted. Limit the pre-sprayed area to the area that can be extracted in about 15 minutes time.
5. Add Liquid Extract to the extractor solution tank at 8 ml per liter (1 oz per gallon) of water. If the carpet is extremely soiled, add Neutralizer at 8 ml per liter (1 oz per gallon). (If powder Extract is used, pre-mix 20 ml per liter (2-½ oz to 1 quart) of warm water. Add this amount of premixed Extract to each 20 liters (5 gallons) of water in the solution tank.)
6. Begin extraction of the pre-sprayed area after 5 minutes dwell time. The total pre-sprayed area should be extracted before 15 minutes have elapsed.
7. Repeat this process until the total carpet area is cleaned.

Alternate Procedure Options
• For heavily soiled areas of the carpet, cleaning effectiveness is improved by using the pad method between the pre-spray and the extraction steps.
• Extraction is effective without the pre-spray and can be used as a Stand-alone product.
• Cleaning effectiveness will always be improved by using Clean as a pre-spray.

Extract should be used with warm water to enhance the optimum use of the fabric softeners within the formula. Warm water enhances the cleaning ability of the chemical and will also promote faster drying time of the carpet. Quantity of Chemicals may be reduced after 3 cleanings with Ultra Chem Carpet Cleaning Products. See directions for details.

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