Procedures for Spin Bonnet Cleaning

1. Thoroughly vacuum the carpets to remove lose soil particles.
2. Mix Clean at 32 ml per liter (4 oz per gallon) of warm water in a pump up sprayer for regular soil conditions and 64 ml (8 oz per gallon) for heavy soil conditions. In heavily soiled areas or where conventional carpet cleaning products were used previously, add Neutralizer to the solution at 8 ml per liter (1oz per gallon).
3. Pre-test the carpet in an inconspicuous area to ensure color-fastness
4. Pre-spray the area to be cleaned. Limit the pre-spray area to about 10 x 25 feet, (3 x 12 meters). The pre-spray should be applied at a rate so that the carpet looks like it has a dew appearance. Do not over-wet. Hesitate over the more soiled spots when applying the pre-spray to increase the chemical application to those areas.
5. Lubricate the pad/Bonnet (spray the solution to the underside of the pad/ bonnet) and place it on the floor, wet side down in the pre-sprayed area. Center the 175-RPM floor machine over the pad.
6. Begin cleaning the carpet by moving the pad/bonnet over the floor in a pattern that will cover each area three times. Do not flip the pad. The dirt will be observed to rise through the pad. Bonnets can be used both sides. (Flip when soiled)
7. When the pad is fully soiled put this to one side and use a new/clean pad. Never use a dirty pad (in the case of a Bonnet turn the bonnet over), and ensure you always have sufficient pads/Bonnets available for the task at hand.
8. Using clean pads, repeat the process above until the entire area is cleaned.
9. The pads must be rinsed out and dried thoroughly before repeat use. The bonnet must be laundered & dried thoroughly before repeat use.

Neutralizer is used where the following conditions are found:
• Hard water
• Old conventional chemical
• Extremely dirty conditions

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