Procedures for the Application of Protector

Protector is a highly efficient carpet protector that has an odorless mineral spirit and Titanium base. It is self-wicking when applied and will provide protection against accidental liquid spills, water and soils to the first, second and third dimension of the carpet fiber.

1. Protector is to be used at full strength – do not dilute
2. May be applied to either wet or dry carpet fibers
3. May be applied to new or freshly cleaned carpet
4. Protector may be applied with a coarse fan tip and an electric powered sprayer at 50 PSI or applied with a fine tip with a conventional pump-up sprayer.
5. After application grooming with a carpet rake is recommended

Alternate Procedure Options
Note: Protector will remain effective for up to three extractions using Ultra Chem Extract Liquid or Powder.

Keep away from excessive heat, sparks, and open flames, including fireplace, furnace and hot water tank pilot lights etc.

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