Restoration – Floor with Finish or Sealer

1. The Neutralizer and Cleaner & Conditioner are not designed to penetrate a floor finish or sealer. There, it is necessary to apply Stripper first to remove the finish or sealer so the Neutralizer and Cleaner & Conditioner can work on the grout.
2. Apply a pre determined amount of Stripper to the area to be cleaned. Again agitation speeds up the process by aiding with penetration.
3. Leave the Stripper on the surface until you see a soiled liquid appearance. This usually will be (2) two to (5) five minutes.
4. Wet vacuum up the soiled liquid and then follow the steps outlined above for an unsealed floor.

Alternate Procedure Options
Note: To determine the proper dilution required to strip an area, pre-mix ‘Stripper’ at two label directions. As an example: 1:8 for regular stripping and 1:4 for heavy duty stripping. Use container cap for ease in measuring (e.g. one capful of ‘Stripper’ to 8 capfuls of water). Pour two dilutions on the floor in an area with the punch out of the stripping pad you will be using. Remove solution from test area(s) (a 14″ pr 16″ window squeegee will accomplish this task quickly and easily) and examine floor. If floor finish has been successfully stripped, use the successful dilution established. If floor finish has not been completely stripped, increase dil ution and re-test new areas. Once the proper dilution has been established, proceed using proper dilution.

Safety: Take proper precautions by wearing gloves, glasses, etc., and use appropriate safety signs while following proper and safe procedures. Read safety instructions on the MSDS sheets and chemical products labels and comply as directed.

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