Restoration – Spray Buffing

1. Assemble all equipment, chemicals and custodial hardware prior to beginning procedures. Read safety instruction on MSDS and chemical product labels and comply as directed.
2. Move all moveable objects from area (s) to be stripped.
3. Dust mop floor with a synthetic, untreated dust mop to remove loose soil. Use scrapper to remove gum, etc. Dispose of litter.
4. Walk floor prior to stripping to identify any problem areas and form a plan to cope with any special problems before or during the procedure.
5. Mask off entrances to adjacent floor areas that are not to be stripped to avoid the possibility of the stripping solution making contact with the floor surface (s) not being stripped.
6. Place Wet Floor Signs and a 3′ x 5′ absorbent mat to serve as a placement mat for the materials and equipment and to clean workers feet prior to entering area at access area (s) to foot traffic.
7. Pre-clean base boards if necessary.
8. Mix ‘Stripper’ with cold water in a clean bucket with wringer or auto scrubber solution tank at pre-determined dilution from pre-test.
9. Apply stripping solution liberally to a manageable area of floor with a dedicated stripper mop. Floor will not be as slippery as a conventional stripper. Do not allow to dry-back. Re-wet floor if stripping solution begins to dry before final pick up procedure.
10. Allow stripping solution 3 to 5 minutes dwell time. If using auto scrubber, fit with black super strip pads, turn solution on full flow, low pads full force, pads on, squeegee up, vacuum motor off. Move machine at slow speed. Use a dedicated stripper mop to apply ‘Stripper’ solution in all areas in accessible to auto scrubber. It is recommended to then return to the starting point and double scrub entire floor in its manner with the auto scrubber.
11. Double or triple scrub floor with 175RPM rotary floor machine and abrasive pad (recommend a hi-productivity or super – stripping pad). If using auto scrubber, this function has already been completed. Squeeze solution away from edges and corners using a 14″ or 16″ floor squeegee with a 54″ or 60″ handle.

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