Restoration – Unsealed or No Finish floors

1. Add an equal amount of water for a (1,2,2) ratio of Neutralizer, Cleaner & Conditioner and water.
2. Agitate (spread it around) the chemical along the grout lines for good coverage, and it speeds up penetration. (A “Ruff” floor pad or brush on a 175 buffer is suitable for agitation for this.)
3. Leave the mixture of chemicals and water on the floor for (5) five to (10) ten minutes or until you can see the grout coming clean. Often this is almost immediately.
4. Wipe up the mixture with a mop or wet vacuum and flood rinse the area then wet vacuum or mop dry again. (Wet vacuum is the preferred method as it picks up all the dirt released.)

Alternate Procedure Options
Note: The grout will not appear completely white when it is wet. Because of its porosity, the grout will retain moisture and take a few minutes to dry. This can be speeded up considerably by using a fan to increase the air movement over the area cleaned. The chemical will continue to work and the grout will get whiter as it dries. After a few hours the grout will be much whiter than immediately following the cleaning. It is often possible to reduce the concentration for situations where the grout is not too dirty. A (1:1) dilution may work well for the Neutralizer followed by (1:3) dilution of the Cleaner & Conditioner. Then apply, following the steps related above.

If re-sealing floor, ensure Gout is completely dry before applying floor finish.

Caution should be taken to keep undiluted Neutralizer away from metal or marble surfaces. Extended exposure may etch these surfaces.

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