1. Dust Mop floor with a synthetic untreated dust mop to remove loose soil. Use scrapper to remove gum, etc. Dispose of litter.
2. Place Wet Floor Signs at access area(s) to foot traffic.
3. Pre-clean base boards if necessary.
4. Mix ‘Cleaner & Conditioner’ with cold water in a clean bucket with wringer at ratio of 1:128 (8 ml per liter (1 oz per gallon) or in auto scrubber solution tank at half to 8 ml per liter (1 oz per gallon). NOTE: For deep scrubbing, the dilution of ‘Cleaner & Conditioner’ may be increased to ratio of 1:64 (16 ml per liter (2 oz per gallon).
5. Apply scrubbing solution liberally to manageable area of floor with a clean, dedicated wash mop. If using auto scrubber, scrub on solution with red pat. When scrubbing Ultra Floor Care ‘Low Luster ‘Gold” finish, use a blue scrub pad. Do not pick up solution on first pass. Do not allow dry back. Re-wet floor if scrubbing solution begins to dry before final pick up procedure.
6. Allow scrubbing solution 3 to 5 minutes dwell time
7. Scrub floor with 175-RPM rotary floor machine and red pad. When scrubbing Ultra Floor Care ‘Low Luster ‘Gold” finish, use a blue scrub pad. If using an auto scrubber, this function has been completed.
8. Pick up scrubbing solution with a wet-pickup vacuum or if using auto scrubber, re-scrub, picking up solution on second pass.
9. Damp mop/rinse floor with clean water using a clean, dedicated, rinse mop.

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