Stainless Steel Cleaning

1. Assemble all chemicals and custodial hardware prior to beginning procedure. Read Safety instructions on MSDS’ and chemical product labels and comply as directed.
2. Pour undiluted ‘Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner’ onto the center of a clean, damp, lint free, white cloth. The cloth should be folded into several thickness with a final size of approximately 5″ x 9″.
3. Wipe approximately 4 sq. ft. of stainless steel with the portion of cloth saturated with ‘Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner’.
4. Turn cloth over and wipe/rinse the area previously cleaner using long straight strokes with the grain of the stainless steel.
5. Fan the cleaned area and rinse to accelerate drying.
6. Re-treat cloth with ‘Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner’ as necessary and continue on in this fashion until surface to be cleaned has been completed.
7. Rinse cloth with clean water and re-apply new undiluted ‘Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner’ as required.
8. Repeat process, if necessary, to heavily oiled or soiled surfaces.
9. If surface comes in contact with food, rinse surface thoroughly with clean water.

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