Stripping Recessed and Grouted Flooring

1. Mix ‘Stripper’ at the pre-established dilution in a clean mop bucket with cold water.
2. Apply ‘Stripper’ with dedicated stripper mop to a manageable area and allow 5 to 10 minutes dwell time. During dwell time, agitate solution with stripper mop. Do not allow dry back. Re-wet area if solution begins to dry before final pick up.
3. Sprinkle ‘Stripper Booster’ powdered detergent liberally at approximately one ounce per square foot to area.
4. Manually abrade tile surfaces and recessed grout areas along edges, in corners and around stationary fixtures using a grit type, long handled scrub brush. Apply sufficient pressure to begin to remove/loosen soil build up.
5. Equip a 175 RPM rotary floor machine with an aggressive grit type circular brush and scrub open area(s)
6. Inspect cleaned area by removing scrubbing solution with a wet pick up vacuum in a small area. If area(s) is completely clean, remove remainder of solution with wet pick-up vacuum. If any build up remains, repeat the process if and where necessary.
7. Continue on in this fashion until entire area is clean and free from build up on tile surface and in recessed grout areas.
8. Fill a bucket with cold water and ‘Neutralizer’ diluted at ratio of 1:64 (16 ml per liter / 2 oz per gallon). Liberally mop on neutralizer using a clean dedicated neutralizer mop and pick up solution with a wet pick-up vacuum cleaner.
9. Fill clean bucket and wringer with clean water or if using an auto scrubber, fill solution tank with clean water. 10. Damp mop rinse floor with clean dedicated rinse mop and clean water. If using auto scrubber, scrub and pick up solution with auto scrubber on first pass.
10. Change water in buckets frequently. Do not rinse floor with dirty solutions.
11. If floor is to be re-sealed, check pH of the floor and adjust as necessary to bring floor to a neutral range pH.

Alternate Procedure Options
Note: Baseboards should be re-cleaned if and as necessary before commencing procedure.

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