Wall Washing

1. Assemble all chemicals and custodial hardware prior to beginning procedure. Read Safety instructions on ‘MSDS’ and chemical product labels and comply as directed.
2. Move all objects from walls and adjacent area(s) to walls that may impede productivity or safety.
3. Using an untreated dust mop or brush, wipe or brush surfaces to remove loose soil. A vacuum equipped with an appropriate tool may be more suitable.
4. Place Wet Floor Signs at access areas to foot traffic — if applicable.
5. Mix ‘Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner’ at 1 to 2 oz. per gallon with cold water in a suitable sprayer.
6. Mix ‘Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner’ at 1 to 4 capfuls per 20 to 24 oz. of cold water in a trigger sprayer bottle. Secure trigger head tightly.
7. Fill a clean bucket equipped with a wall-washing wringer, wall washing mop and basket reducer with 4 to 5 gallons of clear cold rinse water.
8. Spot wall wash inaccessible areas to wall washing mop with trigger sprayer and suitable clean cloth or sponge.
9. Pre-spray a manageable area of wall lightly with a sprayer and solution, applying cleaner from the bottom of the wall to the top.
10. Allow 2 to 3 minutes dwell time. Do not allow solution to dry. Re-wet as necessary.
11. Wipe wall with wrung out, damp, dedicated, wall washing mop, from bottom to top, using a side-to-side motion, after cutting in edges and corners.
12. Plunge wall-washing mop into a bucket of clean water to remove soil from mop head and wring out mop in wringer.
13. Repeat procedure until project is complete.
14. Wipe moisture from baseboards and floor with wall washing mop or rinse mop.

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