Window Cleaning

1. Assemble all chemicals and custodial hardware prior to beginning procedure. Read Safety instructions on MSDS’ and chemical product labels and comply as directed.
2. Remove tape, stickers and other foreign matter from window surface(s) with a razor scrapper.
3. Mix ‘Glass & Surface Cleaner at 1 oz. per gallon with cold water in a clean window washing bucket.
4. Apply cleaning solution uniformly to window with ‘Golden Glove’ type applicator or suitable brush.
5. Place window squeegee perpendicular to ground in upper left corner of window and draw the window squeegee fully across the top of the window (left-handed operators will begin at right corner of window pane).
6. When approaching the right edge of the top of the window, without removing the window squeegee from the window, twist the squeegee so that it begins to come to a parallel position to the ground at the top edge of the window during this initial pass.
7. Continue to twist the window squeegee so that it becomes fully perpendicular to the ground once again and draw window squeegee, overlapping, from right to left side of window. Ensure strokes remove all of the solution from the edges and corners of the window.
8. Continue drawing the squeegee down the window in this figure-8 pattern without lifting squeegee.
9. When the bottom corner of the windowpane is reached, finish the last stoke with the window squeegee parallel to the ground in one of the bottom corners.
10. Wipe the window squeegee blade and the window sill(s) with a clean cloth or chamois.

Alternate Procedure Options
Note: If streaking occurs during the first cleaning procedure, the ‘Glass & Surface Cleaner’ solution is removing the residual from previously used glass cleaners. Clear water rinse and repeat application once again and streaking will not re-occur.

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