Ultra Chem Labs Returns to ISSA Interclean 2015

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This year’s ISSA Interclean show in Las Vegas was truly a platform for innovative company’s, young and old to showcase the best new products they have to offer. It is based on manufacturer innovation along with ever changing market needs that will determine where the cleaning industry stands for the years ahead. Among many of these innovators was the return of Ultra Chem Labs to Vegas. For decades Ultra Chem Labs has been widely recognized for high performance products and industry leading cleaning and protection technologies. For them the objective was no different from years past.

‘Introduce to the industry a new technology forged in the legendary labs of Ultra Chem Labs in order to equip their distributor network with unparalleled market advantage.’

And that was exactly what Ultra Chem Labs went about doing during their appearance at this year’s ISSA Interclean show. The story began Wednesday morning where among the gargantuan and awe inspiring booths towering over the show floor, Ultra Chem Labs stations themselves in between the proverbial trees. When scanning over their modest set up, one cannot help but notice much open space with a few display pieces and product materials showcasing their brand. What was hard to miss, however, was what resembled a showroom display piece to the left of their booth concealed in blue silk cloth. Not to be revealed what was hidden and not to be touched. It was clear that Ultra Chem Labs had something special in store for the show attendees. But when asked about this mysterious piece, onlookers were simply asked to, ‘Please return back tomorrow for the official show release.’

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Above technology innovation, there is one all encompassing attribute of Ultra Chem Labs shown in application every year. ‘Sincere appreciation for their loyal distributor network.’ So much so that all were cordially invited to attend the grand product release banquet and award ceremony Thursday night hosted by Ultra themselves. Ultra Chem Labs used this joyous platform to provide those attending with the newest and most updated company information available. But that was not all. The objective was clear for this night. Show care and genuine support, instill enthusiasm, confidence and passion within the hearts of the attendees. Award those for their tireless efforts and unrelenting work ethic in representation of Ultra and establish the clear fact: Ultra is here to stay and we are stronger than ever.

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These objectives were accomplished and made more real than ever as International Sales Manager, Mr. Cesar Castro presented the grand release of Ultra’s new specialty product powered with ‘Advanced Ultra technology’, Titanium SRT. A new, highly engineered flagship product designed to revolutionize floor care protection. Upon it’s introduction, the applause was great in nature. The positive atmosphere infected the room and continued through the night as more surprises instilled seeds of excitement among the valued guests.

Watch Titanium SRT

As each presentation came to pass and the last drink was poured, one could not remiss the positivity present in the room. True excitement was shared by all as a network unified by innovation, respect and success gathered together for a night to enjoy and remember. As the last guest made their exit, a calm set in among the Ultra Team. Now, it is said that ‘calms set in before the storm’. Though this saying commonly denotes storms as being destructive or an unwanted presence, this common viewpoint seems unfitting as it pertains to the future of this company. Rather, what lays on the cusp for Ultra Chem Labs, their loyal growing network and witnessed by each and everyone of the honored guests present, is a storm of success. 2016, what a year it will be.


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