UCL Distribution Program

UCL Distribution Program


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Why distribute UCL Products?


There are many reasons why our distributors choose to offer our product line over the competition. Here are six good reasons for you to consider becoming an official UCL distributor:

  • We offer innovative cleaning technology* and products that outperform the competition.
  • We possess green certified products by Green Seal that are designed to reduce or eliminate source pollution.
  • The competitive advantage of our product line will provide excellent profit margins, less competition and strong customer loyalty.
  • Program possesses sales programs unique to Ultra Chem Labs (The Ultra School Program, Private Labeling and Custom Sales Programs).
  • We provide Sales Performance Rebate Program.
  • We Protect Sales Territories: Ultra protects the distributors assigned territory by not assigning more distribution to the assigned sales territory unless, sales goals are not achieved.
*For more information, see, Ultra’s Technology Brochure and Ultra’s Cleaning Technology v. Conventional Cleaning Technology Paper, included in this program.


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