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The Ultra School Program is dedicated to creating a safe, environmentally-conscious, and prosperous future for our children. This can be done by removing the circulation of conventional products that contain known carcinogens like styrene. By working together with The Ultra School Program, administrators can make a positive impact for their schools as well as their communities. In turn, true pride can be taken in making positive changes for the future of our generation and in reducing the carbon footprints left from past conventional methods.

This program was designed for one underlying purpose: to make a positive impact on environmental source reduction which in turn will drastically reduce the amount of harsh conventional products that are being exposed to our children, staff members and administrators on a daily basis.

The Ultra School Program allows school administrators to first calculate square footage to gallons of chemicals and dollars in a clear and quantifiable manner. This calculation will then allow for a breakdown on how much Ultra Chem Labs product needs to be used in order to completely strip, recoat, and maintain the brilliancy of the floors each year. Once a school has implemented the Ultra Chem Labs School Program, the labor, chemical, energy and time savings will become very prevalent – even eliminating the need to strip. Moreover, the presence of leftover, unused, toxic, environmentally-harmful chemicals will be drastically reduced.

It is time to make a difference by implementing The Ultra School Program.


Based on the source reduction calculator, a conventional school dumps approximately 700 pounds of sludge into the environment every year.


The Ultra School Program has met all our Green Cleaning criteria for the past 10 years, and has eliminated the stripping of the floors for our 75 schools. Source Reductions of Chemicals being one of our goals, we have also eliminated over 382 tons of sludge impacting the environment with the UCL Program.  

          – Olivia Claus, Manager of Custodial Operations of Howard County Schools





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