Food Grade Neutralizer


Rinse and prep your floors with the fruits of nature.

Ultra Chem Labs’ Food Grade Neutralizer Technology is a powerful, yet environmentally-safe, re-agent that prepares floors for ideal conditions for sealer and finish applications.In regards to carpet care, this technology also assists with carpet extraction by removing residual waste left behind from conventional carpet cleaning chemicals. It decreases the time, labor, and effort required to neutralize a surface, and highlights the simplicity that comes with using Ultra Chem Labs products.

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Unlike conventional neutralizers, our Food Grade Neutralizing Technology is made with a unique blend of special, highly effective, environmentally conscious food grade acids. When mixed with our cleaners and applied, carpets and floors are returned to their original ionic condition without dangerous chemicals and fumes. Food Grade Neutralizer Technology is utilized in Ultra Chem Labs’ Floor Care and Carpet Care Divisions’ Neutralizer products.




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FC Neutralizer

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