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Non-Styrene Polymer Technology…the very definition of a Green Floor finish

Conventional floor finish contains a toxic chemical known as polystyrene, which was traditionally used to adhere floor finish to a floor. Unfortunately, it is a formula which not only incurs high labor and chemical costs, but is a dangerous pollutant to our environment. The primary concern about polystyrene is that it is derived from styrene, a carcinogen that has acute and long term chronic health effects. For more information on the adverse health effects styrene poses to the the human body and the environment, please click on the following link (CDC Toxic Substance Report). Furthermore, this conventional formula does not have the adequate strength or durability to support new types of building structures, increasing populations and diverse floor types. The emergence of new soils and airborne contaminates that have emerged since polystyrene was developed over 50 years ago have attributed to it’s obsolescence. In addition, this conventional method requires constant reapplication, which results in over-stripping and consequently reducing the durability and integrity of the floor itself.

Non Styrene Polymer Tech





In truly innovative fashion,  Non-Styrene Polymer eliminates the need for polystyrene. This advanced Non-Styrene formula builds a protective coating over the floor and fully supports all old and newly-developed substrates. This polymer is balanced, tough, and flexible so that the floor never loses any of the finish applied. Non-Styrene Polymer Technology is a water based acrylic polymer that is environmentally-friendly and does not contain heavy metals, harsh or toxic chemicals. In addition, it contains UV blockers, which prevent finish discoloration. With superior durability and easy to maintain cleaning procedures, Non Styrene Polymer Technology will end your stripping cycles for good while keeping your floors protected and looking beautiful.

Non-Styrene Polymer Technology is utilized in Ultra Floor Care Division’s floor finish products and Titanium SRT Floor Finish.



Non-Styrene Floor Finish Technology: Calvert County Schools in Calvert County, MD have not stripped their floors in 14 years.


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