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What is UCL Approved Green?

Ultra Approved Green describes a product that performs to the highest quality standard while leaving the smallest possible impact on the environment. Ultra Approved Green products are biodegradable and possess specific green features and benefits exclusive to Ultra cleaning and protection technology.

What do UCL Approved Green products feature?

Features include, among others, low levels of volatile organic compounds, environmentally conscious detergent and organic polymers, low fragrance to no odor products, food grade acid cleaning and much more. In addition, Ultra Approved Green products are designed to eliminate conventional maintenance procedures and to consolidate products required for a broad range of uses. This is the Ultra Green standard.

Will being Green change the performance of the product?

Being classified as Ultra Approved Green does NOT change the performance of the product. Our products have the same high quality and product performance that Ultra Technology has been known to provide.

Which products are Ultra Approved Green?

Products that are Ultra Approved Green are identified with the official logo. A majority of our cleaning and protection products are Ultra Approved Green. This includes Floor Care, Carpet Care, General Cleaning, Wood Care products and Laundry Care products. For specific product names please consult your technical data sheets.

What conventional maintenance procedures are Ultra Green Approved products designed to eliminate?

Ultra floor finishes are designed with a super durable Non-Styrene Polymer Technology designed to eliminate the floor stripping cycle. Ultra Carpet Clean is designed with Electrolytic Cleaning Technology to consolidate all carpet cleaning procedures into one product without the use of heavy alkali builders. With the use of Ultra White laundry detergent, you can save on average 30,200 gallons of water a month for your facility which substantially reduces conventional procedures necessary in the commercial laundry process. These are just a few examples of how Ultra Green Approved products reduce or eliminate conventional maintenance procedures and limit environmental impact.

Can Ultra Approved Green products be classified as hypoallergenic?

Yes, a number of Ultra Approved products can be classified as hypoallergenic. With little to no odor or harmful fragrance and extremely low to no volatile organic compounds, our products reduce allergic reactions to levels below normal, classifying them as hypoallergenic. For specific product names please consult your technical data sheets.

Can your floor finishes biodegrade?

A select few of our Ultra Approved Green floor finishes are designed with organic polymer technology that can biodegrade.  There are a number of factors which contribute to the length of time required to biodegrade our material. These factors include the type of microorganisms present, the level of microbial activity, temperature, and moisture levels. Bio-degradation occurs in all active landfills at varying rates of time based on a combination of these factors.


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