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Ultra Chem Labs’ Laundry Care makes whites whiter and colors brighter – for commercial grade laundry facilities and bath towels alike. Its faster and more environmentally-friendly method of cleaning and drying ensures that wait times are drastically reduced. Ultra Chem Labs’ Technologies have made it possible to eliminate certain – now redundant – steps found in conventional laundry systems. This significantly cuts the time and resources required in any commercial laundry cycle. Ultra Chem Labs’ Laundry Care products never compromise the quality, color or cleanliness of fabric, washing and drying at the highest level of cleaning performance – all within truly green standards. DOWNLOAD FULL LAUNDRY CARE INFOGRAPHIC HERE.

Ultra White 5Gal SmallUltra White

Electrolytic Laundry Detergent. Ultra White, designed with Electrolytic Cleaning Technology, is not dependent on caustic builders or pH in order to clean. This makes Ultra White an environmentally safer product. It does not degrade the cellulose of pricey linens, leaves linens softer, pure of color and smelling great; does not require high temperatures to clean; and overall, will drastically reduce wash and cycle times, which unlike conventional detergents, can also be combined with bleach. Click for more information


Ultra Soft

Electorlytic Conditioner and Drying Aid. Ultra Soft is a conditioner and drying aid which does not adjust pH, but instead puts the positive and negative charges back into linens to drastically reduce linen degradation. It neutralizes the linen to a natural and neutral skin pH of 6+- 0.5; aids in drying process; brings linen integrity to a ‘like new’ condition; stays wet for shorter periods of time (hydrogen molecules returned); leads to soft, new and luxurious feeling; and leaves the absorbency levels of linen unchanged. Click for more information


Ultra Bleach

Electrolytic Laundry Bleach. Ultra Bleach contains 13-15% bleach with a unique proprietary inhibitor specifically designed by the to reduce linen degradation. It synergizes in activity with Ultra White to obtain optimal levels of whiteness in linens; can be used in hot or cold water and in soft or hard water; drastically reduces rinsing cycles with minimum residual effects; and works within pH of 7 +- 0.5 to pH 9 +- 0.5, a safe manner, while killing harmful germs and bacteria. Click for more information


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