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Why Private Label?


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Implementing a Private Label program puts you in control of your marketing plan, price strategies, and profit levels. Private label programs build brand recognition that you can expand with into a variety of market areas. Most importantly, your company name, brand name, and contact information will be put front of the customer with every use.



Why Private Label Ultra Chem Labs’ Products?


  • Unmatched chemical technology: Our cleaning technologies will strengthen your product line by helping you outperform your competitors and by giving your product line a market niche advantage.


  • Benefit from our truly green chemical manufacturing process and third party green certification: We can provide green certification for your product line by registering your private label products with trusted third party certification organizations.


  • Superior Product Line: You can have exactly the same products that we offer in our Ultra brand product line. This provides you with ultra high-performance products known to be the best in the market for their performance, ease of use and easy maintenance qualities.


  • Complete Private Label Program: We offer a complete program from start to finish. This includes everything needed for you to focus on selling your brand: chemical technology,
    products, certification, cut sheets, brochures, labels and how-to videos. Added value services are also available to program holders pertaining to a multiple range of media needs.


To get started, just contact us and we will meet with you to find out more about your product and marketing needs.


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