Selective Implosion


Instantly unlock molecular bonds for a quick, safe and easy stripping process.

One of the most costly, labor intensive, hazardous and unpleasant tasks in floor care is stripping: the complete removal of old floor finish. Conventional strippers rely on caustics and solvents used to soften, attack, and burn through the finish, right down into the substrate of the floor. Not only is this process time-consuming and costly, conventional strippers are hazardous to our health. They burn skin, and produce toxic fumes that have been known to cause short- and long-term health issues. Furthermore, within the area where the floor stripping is taking place, the lingering fumes can also adversely affect those who frequent the area (e.g. campus students, hospital patients, hotel guests).

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Selective Implosion Technology works by breaking the molecular locks and structure of the floor finish by strategically “imploding” them, rather than blindly attacking through the accumulated finish. Once the finish is “imploded,” the emulsified film becomes loose and easy to remove off the floor without the harsh toxic odors pertaining to conventional strippers. Another benefit of Selective Implosion Technology is that it acts as a catalyst that creates a micro-foam, which prevents unnecessary damage while speeding up the overall stripping process. Finally, when Ultra Chem Labs’ programs are properly implemented, stripping becomes an infrequent to unnecessary task, saving substantial time, money, and resources. Selective Implosion Technology is found in Ultra Chem Labs Stripper and Strip-X and Pure Science Stripper.



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